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If Your Dog Has Cancer or Doesn’t Have Cancer, Things You Need to Know

Cancer in our canines and felines has gotten way out-of-hand, becoming an epidemic and the leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs. Your dog has a greater than 1 in 2 chance of developing cancer. Veterinarians talk about it in their own professional community, and now pet guardians are becoming more aware.

You need to know how to detect cancer in your dog.

35 million dogs alive today in the United States already have or will develop cancer. Dogs are 2 times more likely to develop leukemia than humans, 4 times more likely to suffer breast cancer, and 8 times more likely to develop bone cancer.

You need to know how to prevent cancer in your dog.

Yes, genetics and stress play a role but we can’t ignore factors in our environment such as over-exposure to the sun, toxicity of  flea and tick chemicals, household cleaning chemicals, and the #1 culprit making our fur children sick and stricken with cancer – most of the beautifully packaged and heavily advertised Commercial Dog Food.

We are seeing disease conditions in animals that we did not see years ago.

Many of these conditions may be traced to the nutrition source. The unquestionable tremendous rise in cancer in our dogs has been documented by many reputable sources to be almost entirely due to the toxic ingredients commonly used in pet food and pet treats.

The vast majority of commercially processed foods that are being fed to our dogs and cats are also responsible for the increasing numbers of pets not only suffering from cancer but also from arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease.

If you are dealing with cancer with your dog…

…you need to know how cancer affects your dog’s body. You need to know the best mainstream treatment options, their costs and outcomes, the specific nutrients a dog with cancer requires since requirements are very different from those of a healthy dog, and you need to have a collection of recipes specifically designed for feeding a dog with cancer that will help with recovery from surgery or chemotherapy.

You Don’t Have to Leave Everything to Your Vet; You Can Personally Make a Huge Difference. The Complete Canine Cancer SECRETS Package will Show You Exactly How. get a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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