RapidBath, Dog Grooming, Dog Hygiene and You

Good hygiene is key in protecting your dog, your family and yourself against illness and disease. Your dog may appear clean, but considering what your pet can come in contact with on a daily basis, it may not be as clean as you think. It’s best to make sure it’s really clean.

Good grooming is essential. A daily brushing is beneficial to both coat and skin but if time does not allow, at least two to three times a week should be made time for. But, that’s not all.

Keep in Mind… You Also Wash Up During the Day

Wiping down your dog’s coat and especially paws with a damp clean cloth after being outside is a good practice to follow. For the paws, a little mild soap and water with a washcloth is not a bad idea. This will also assist in keeping allergens to a lesser level.

Many pets need regular bathing. Others need it periodically. Bathe your pet only when its coat gets dirty or begins to get that “doggy” odor. Bathing your dog every month or two isn’t unreasonable; however, some dogs need more frequent cleanings. Determining factors include coat length and thickness, whether your pet spends most of its time indoors or out, your pet’s shedding cycle, and if there are any skin issues that need to be addressed.

If You Dread Giving Your Dog a Bath, Read to the Bottom, We Have Good News

Before bathing, comb and brush out all mats. Otherwise, when they become wet, the mats turn into solid masses, which will require clippers to remove. Matted hair resulting from pine sap, paint, tar or other things sticky, trim with clippers or soak the matted hair with vegetable or mineral oil for 24 hours.

Before bathing, a drop of mineral oil in the eyes to protect them from suds, and cotton balls in the ears, are good precautions to consider. Be sure the cotton balls are the right size for your dog’s ears and not too small where they can slip down the ear canal if they become damp.

There is a shampoo and conditioner for every type of hair or coat for dogs and cats. Shampoo and conditioners formulated for people are too harsh for your pet’s delicate skin. Its skin differs in pH from humans, and most human shampoos are designed to strip hair and skin of oil. Use of these products not formulated for your pets can result in a dry, flaky coat for your pet, and can create an itchy skin condition.

A key to successful bathing is to make very sure you rinse your pet thoroughly to eliminate all residues. Even when it seems like the product is rinsed out, rinse again.

Never wash your dog outside if the weather is cold. This is especially true for puppies, that should be at least four weeks old before they receive their first bath.

Good News. Here is a Way to Make Bathing Your Dog MUCH Easier.

We want to tell you about a product that can make the actual bathing process MUCH easier. So much easier in fact that even the kids can do it. Honestly!


RapidBath for a Rapid and Easy Bath!

The product is called RapidBath®. It is offered at a very special price at our CalloftheDogShop.com, making it a really good deal.

Not Just a Nozzle That Sprays Water

The RapidBath Pet Bathing System is an all-in-one wet, wash and rinse dog bathing solution. By simply holding  the hose,  RapidBath’s three cleaning cycles thoroughly wet, wash and rinse your dog. During the “wash” cycle, RapidBath releases a specially formulated shampoo into the water stream to create a powerful cleansing solution that’s good for your dog’s coat and skin.

Penetrates Down to the Skin to Remove Dirt and Dander.

RapidBath is a state-of-the-art power-wash system that uses the same powerful washing technology found in professional dog-grooming tools to wet, wash and rinse your dog in about 3 minutes, penetrating down to the skin to remove dirt and dander. And, all you do is point the hose.

Use With Any Standard Showerhead or Garden Hose Indoors or Out.

This amazing product cleans all the way through your dog’s coat down to its skin, removing even hidden dirt and debris. It gets your dog really clean. And, ultimately saves you time and aggravation.

Product Features:

  • Handheld RapidBath Device
  • Professional Indoor/Outdoor Hose
  • Universal Shower Adapter
  • 1 FREE Ultra Clean Shampoo Cartridge

Dogs Just Love It.

Most dogs enjoy it because they love the relaxing massage action of the power spray against their skin. With a little preparation and the right tools, bathing your dog can actually be a fun bonding experience.

This is an excellent product, and it could make bath time much easier for you, so if you’re interested, please (Click Here)

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