Your Dog is Eating Poop — Want to Know WHY and the Solution?

Does your dog eat its feces, or sometimes the poop of other dogs? We want you to have the tips and understanding for the solutions. There are many factors that can contribute to the reason for stool eating. It’s not an accident, and it can be prevented by solving the problem as to why. Often, a multiple target approach is best in eliminating or reducing the habit.

Coprophagia is Common in Canines

The correct term for the feces consumption problem is Coprophagia. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact cause in every case; however, it’s surprisingly common in canines and especially pets eating commercial pet food and treats. The compulsion may be driven by a vitamin deficiency, intestinal parasite infestation, or the development of pancreatic problems or other serious health issues.

Nutrition Deficiency is Possible

It is vital for the health of your dog, just as it is for humans, to be fed the most nutritious, highest quality food possible for the dog’s age and breed, and to accommodate any medical issues. One of the reasons why a dog will consume poop is because it’s not getting enough nutrients from its food, so it may be attracted to its feces in search of those missing nutrients or minerals.

Quality Food and a Quality Vitamin Supplement with Digestive Enzymes are Key

We hope you are not feeding conventional food because a non-natural food contains a lot of empty calories in the form of grains and fillers which can pose many dangers including digestion problems as well as future health problems. Digestive enzymes are recommended in any case for optimal nutrition absorption and especially if you suspect digestion issues; try supplementing with an all natural, high quality vitamin and mineral supplement that contains digestive enzymes to help the digestive process as well as help prevent the most common dog diseases. (Click Here) Ultimate Canine Health Formula (Click Here)

Are you meeting Your Dog’s Natural Requirements?

A very hungry dog may turn to eating stool if it doesn’t have access to food. Be sure your pet not only is fed a quality natural diet, but fed on a regular consistent basis just as you would for any living being dependent on you. Eating stool may also be an indication your pet wants to eat more frequently.

Is Your Pet Too Confined for Too Long?

Housekeeping is important; your pet does not want to live with filth. If your dog is confined or restricted to a small area, including a crate or a kennel, it instinctually may try to take care of its space. (Read about dog crate training… Click Here)

A Sensible Training Approach is Needed — Not Punishment

It is not appropriate and is counter productive to punish your dog for pooping in an inappropriate place. When a dog defecates indoors, it is usually because it is unable to hold it and might eat it to stop you from getting angry. It is every dog guardian’s responsibility to see to it that the dog has adequate opportunity and place to relieve itself. If your dog needs housetraining help, the sensible and effective approach is to teach the dog instead of punish it.

Parasites and Worms Must Be Ruled Out

Parasites or worms if present in your dog’s digestive system can be a cause for Coprophagia. Parasites can suck nutrients out of your dog, compelling it to such behavior to regain nutrient loss and to compensate for feeling hungry. The best way to diagnose worms in a pet is to have a fecal exam performed by your veterinarian.

Natural Remedies Can Help With Stress

Stress will drive animals to do odd things and that includes eating poop. Anxiety, nervousness, upset, loneliness and boredom may very well trigger such behavior. If you, the guardian, are the cause of the emotional stress it is important to be aware and modify your routines or behavior for the sake your dog’s well-being. If other influences are at play, it is important to try to identify the causes. Natural remedies, such as Pet Phero-Soothe, which simulate the “scent” of natural pheromones that carry a calming message are available to help ease your dog’s stress level, thus helping pets relax and feel at ease. (Click Here) To View the Full Selection (Click Here)

Of Course, There Are other Possible Reasons

Dogs learn by observing the behavior of other dogs, as well as from you who represents their pack leader. When you clean up after your dog, the dog will sometimes try to mimic the behavior so it becomes a training issue.

In some cases, your dog will eat poop the same as it will try to eat almost anything, including poop. Dogs explore the world through taste and smell, much more than humans. Some dogs have instincts to carry stuff in their mouths and that can include stool. It is also true that certain breeds are also more susceptible to the habit than others.

In households with multiple dogs where dominance and submission is a factor, some dogs will eat the poop of other, more dominant dogs. This is not usual but can happen.

Unfortunately, some dogs simply like the taste of poop. It doesn’t make sense to most people. However, some dogs associate poop with food they were given as puppies, being it’s warm and moist, confusing them about what is food and what is not.

A dog protecting her puppies will instinctually eat the puppy waste to hide the poop from predators. Getting ride of it keeps her puppies safe by not revealing their existence.

It is common for many puppies to taste and try to eat feces. Don’t let the pups engage in the habit, and they won’t develop a taste for excrement.

Supervise during bathroom time, remove it immediately and re-direct any potential interest in the dog’s waste to something else.

To Sum it All Up

Feed a nutrient-packed balanced diet. Foods such as pineapple, spinach and pumpkin give your dog’s poop a repugnant taste and smell, reducing the likelihood it’ll eat it. Provide lots of exercise, and quality interaction with your dog. Keep your pets’ living spaces, crates, kennels and yard clean. Don’t confine your dog for long periods of time. And, make wellness exams at your veterinarian for a health checkup a priority.

Use the recommended all natural product, formulated to deter dogs from eating their own stool, which contains vitamins, enzymes, and botanical ingredients to address factors that may be contributing to your dog’s “adventurous snacking”. It can also deter dogs from eating the stool of other dogs in the household when administered to all the family canines. It will help put a stop to your dog’s unpleasant and potentially dangerous stool-eating habit. (Click Here)  Pet Stool Eating Deterrent (Click Here)

Maintain the best chance for good health as well as help prevent the most common dog diseases with a high quality, natural supplement for the necessary balance of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes (Click Here) Ultimate Canine Health Formula (Click Here)

Consult a quality training program so you can master being recognized as the alpha dog by your dog, in a proper, emotionally healthy way. You want your dog to love and respect you but not fear you. (Click Here) Secrets to Dog Training (Click Here)

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