Dog & Puppy Obedience Training

Over 80% of dog guardians have training issues that they do not know how to deal with properly. They may be dealing with them but the operative word here is “properly”. Common behavior problems range from aggression in its many forms, such as territoriality, possessiveness, dominance, aggression caused by fear; to the most common and frustrating obedience issues like digging, chewing, barking, and house training problems.

When it comes to training or teaching your puppy or older dog anything, it is not only best but kinder and gentler to do so by focusing on positive reward based methods. If you are yelling or showing signs of frustration or anger you are doing it all wrong and working against a good relationship.

Your mission in training your young puppy or dog is to reward desired behaviors rather than to punish unwanted behavior. Not all barking is inappropriate, and appropriate barking should not be discouraged. That said, when it comes to inappropriate barking, you do not want to punish the behavior, but you do want to reward the silence that will follow.

So now you ask yourself the question, “how do I do that”? This can be a little challenging since the timing of the reward is crucial to getting your desired message across, but it’s certainly doable.

With our barking example we want to seize upon the first opportunity when the barking stops for a period of 3-5 seconds. Have a food treat at your immediate reach, preferably from a pocket, and deliver it to your dog right away, as in within a few seconds.

Yes, admittedly the timing of this process may not be practical or accomplishable within the few seconds and the ideal moment may pass, so how can this be managed?

The answer is to use a “secondary re-enforcer”, like praise with an affectionate touch and an uplifting approval to the voice. It is seen and done all the time, but refrain from patting the dog on the head. In the dog world of preferences, dogs are not thrilled with this gesture. Another way to accomplish the “secondary re-enforcer” is through a neutral cue that signals that the primary re-enforcer is due. Many trainers accomplish this with the use of whistles and clickers though as we have already explained your voice can serve the same purpose.


CalloftheDog has researched dog and puppy training programs in order to bring you the best advice on dog training and solving the common problems puppy and dog owners must deal with, such as aggression, possessiveness, dominance, and the most common and frustrating obedience issues as digging, chewing, barking, and house training problems.

There are many products out there that run the gamut from excellent to “don’t waste your money”. We have decided to narrow the search to our favorite high-quality 3 that can be downloaded instantly to your home computer and be put to work for you right away.

We have reviewed many of the available training guides and ranked them according to ease of use, how well all the information was explained, and the effectiveness of the training techniques that are recommended and used.

We also looked at the price and the quality of the customer support. The best 3 of the many dog training programs we feel comfortable to recommend are reviewed in more detail below by clicking on the FULL REVIEW.

“There isn’t just one — the 3 Finest puppy & dog training programs available”


Secrets to Dog Training  (Full Review)


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Secrets to Dog Training


Hands Off Dog Training Formula  (Full Review)


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Hands Off Dog Training Formula

dove-dog-training-125x1252Puppy & Dog Training Online  (Full Review)


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