Dog Seizure can occur without warning and it’s frightening…

What does the indomitable and loveable Dachshund, the courageous German Shepherd, the rollicking Irish Setter, the athletic Retrievers, the Cocker Spaniel, the Pug, the Poodle, the Saint Bernard and the Wire-haired Terrier all have in common? They represent a cross- section of breeds that have shown a higher incidence of seizure.

Seizures will occur without warning.

It occurs out of nowhere more often than you might imagine and is frightening to witness. It can begin with body shakes, tremors, and muscle spasms with your loved pet showing  a trance-like vacant stare.

What causes seizures?

Because it’s not a disease, establishing why a dog has seizures is like solving a puzzle where all the clues have to be put together to form an accurate picture. This is accomplished through the process of elimination of all possible causes ranging from trauma, environment, metabolism, liver and kidney disease, and tumors, through a series of testing.

Diagnosing dog seizures could require a lot of testing – not inexpensive.

There is no test that can be administered to check for epilepsy so the diagnosis of epilepsy can only be made when no other causes can be established. This is one of those times when people can be relieved to know they have pet insurance if unexpected medical expenses can pose a difficulty.

Since the cause for seizure could be life-threatening, it is important to establish the cause. Proper treatment can ultimately save your dog’s life.

When it comes to your dog’s health, please do not let money become an obstacle especially in tough economic times. If you plan ahead by having pet insurance, or have the discipline and ability to put funds aside, you will be able to give your dog the care it requires in a time of need.

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