Safety L.E.D. Lighted Dog Collars – not a fashion statement

If you read our About Us page on, you will have read about a wonderful and thoughtful man that we thanked for seeing to it that the custom designed wheelchair for our furry companion, Rusty, had a safety light. That wheelchair was Rusty’s rear legs in the twilight of his life, and the safety light was of vital importance to keep us safe, evidenced by the slowing of oncoming cars or their giving wider distance to us upon seeing the reflection when the sun went down on our walks.

It may sound obvious but this is something that is important and worth the reminder. It can be life saving to be more visible than otherwise in any light and at any time of day, but it is imperative in the fading daylight and dark.

Bright colors, reflective collars and a bright or flashing light can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your safety.

An illuminated collar is a tremendous defensive precaution against getting hit by passing vehicles when driver visibility is not at its best.

Our first-hand knowledge from experience puts us in the position to tell you that such protection is money well spent to protect you and your dog.

We set out to find the perfect solution and feel we have found it at a price everyone can afford.

The PupLight is the brightest lighted dog collar available. It is the best lighted dog collar your dog can wear, with 3 LED’s while offering 8-way protection:

• Lighted Dog Collars Keep pets safe from automobiles
• Lighted Dog Collars Allow you to see potential hazards
• Lighted Dog Collars Locate your dog when he is off leash
• Lighted Dog Collars Locate lost dogs
• Lighted Dog Collars Provides light on walks to avoid injuries
• Lighted Dog Collars Detour unfriendly dogs
• Lighted Dog Collars Frighten away wild animals
• Added visibility reduces likelihood of walker being assaulted

No more need to carry a flashlight as the PupLight provides enough light for you and your dog. The PupLight provides up to 200 feet forward and 70 feet to the side. You will have no trouble seeing where you step and what your dog is getting into! The PupLight provides safety while camping or just playing in the backyard. Use it yourself while walking, jogging, biking, boating or camping. It’s the perfect addition to your pet’s nightlife.

• Lighted Dog Collar – One size fits all dogs
• Band extension can be removed for small or toy breeds
• Lighted Dog Collar with 3 ultra white LED’s
• 2″ x 2″ collar clip positions light below dog’s head
• Lighted Dog Collar is water resistant and durable
• Rim keeps light out of dog’s eyes
• Casing is small, lightweight, only 2.5 oz
• Easy to replace AAA batteries
• PupLight is hinged and can rotate 180 degrees
• Light remains bright even after 24 hours of use

Safety is everyone’s business and it should be everyone’s first concern.

Available in Red, Black, Silver and Blue.



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