It can happen and it does…

According to national statistics, there are over 800,000 people bitten by dogs every year. There are no such statistics compiled for how many dogs are bitten every year but be assured that number must be in the millions!

Besides diarrhea and vomiting, dog bites are among the top reasons why pet parents seek treatment at veterinary emergency rooms.

Don’t be shocked if the situation arises. Not all people are going to like each other and the same holds true for dogs. It does not mean a dog is a “bad” dog because it has reacted by biting, even though that doesn’t make it easier for the pet parents to understand or accept if and when it happens.

Your dog could be wonderful in temperament and under certain circumstances still bite another dog. Or when bitten by another dog, may bite back in self-defense.


Safety first.

Your immediate mission is to remove yourself and your dog safely from the situation and not get bit yourself.

Whatever you do, do not yell when you are taking action. It is a common reaction for you to have but it will only exasperate and accelerate the problem. Take deliberate action calmly.

Be aware there are concerns that we need to eliminate. Although unusual, the transmission of infectious diseases such as rabies must be eliminated as a concern as well as tissue damage and risk of infection.


It is wise to thoroughly check you dog after a biting altercation. Dogs can become ill and small wounds can become fatal.

Be aware that what you see on the outside is not always what you see on the inside when it comes to bite wounds. On the outside – you may only see a small puncture. On the inside – it is possible to have severe life-threatening injuries.

It is not always possible, as an owner may not be present or known, but it is desirable to obtain the contact information of the owner of the dog.

Take note of the approximate age, breed, weight, marking or any other distinguishing characteristics of the dog biting your dog.

Simple wounds may only require clipping of hair and cleaning of the wound and that’s the end to an upsetting situation. Others may require x-rays to determine if there is any underlying damage. A bite wound severe enough could require general anesthesia, sutures, bandages, antibiotics, even hospitalization with intravenous fluids and pain medications.

If there is any chance you could be worried about how an unexpected expense of this magnitude could affect your dog, consider pet insurance. Yes it is an added expense and, as with all insurance, we hope you never have to use it, but if it could mean the difference of you being able to save your dog financially then be honest with your own circumstances and at least check out the cost.

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