How to Help Your Dog Live Longer, Avoid Cancer and Other Diseases, and Enjoy a Healthier, Happier, More Energetic Life…

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to do it… make sure your dog has the PROPER NUTRITION it needs every single day.

The “Be All, and End All” Solution.

We want to introduce you to a supplement formulation created by a veterinarian’s research to be the “be all, end all” solution for pet owners who truly want the best for their animals.

Do you know what the fastest growing cause of death in dogs is?

It’s diseases, namely Cancer, caused by the Poor Quality Food your dog eats. More dogs will die of Cancer – caused largely by poor nutrition – than any other disease.

Your Dog is Far More Likely to Get Sick Today Than 10 Years Ago…

“Off the shelf” dog food simply won’t cut it. If you read the ingredients of a can of dog food 10 or 20 years ago, chances are you would see that the main ingredient was “animal protein”.

Today, the main ingredients are typically GRAIN and FAT… which are essentially just filler. They contain very little of the vitamins and minerals that actually make your dog thrive.

And what about the premium food that claims to be “healthy”? Well, there are some decent food products out there for dogs that do meet the “recommended” daily allowances of vitamins and minerals… but remember… these “recommendations” were established by the same industry that creates the food itself, and in many if not most professional medical opinions, they just aren’t enough to keep your dog from becoming sick.

Even if you are making your own dog food at home, it’s still not easy to guarantee it contains everything your dog needs to be in tip-top shape.

Your Dog’s Life is in YOUR Hands!

It’s important for YOU to regularly eat the right amounts from all 5 food groups to keep your body in the best possible condition. It’s an accepted fact that people who do eat properly and get all of their recommended daily allowances look better, live longer, and are far less likely to suffer from disease and are probably far healthier than those who eat recklessly.

The same holds true for your dog.

It’s crucial that you, as a loving owner, provide your dog with the full amount of ALL of the essentials he or she needs, and not just what meets the industry’s so-called “recommendations”.

And, if you think supplements are the answer you are partly correct, but just as with pet food… many of the over-the-counter vitamins and supplements simply don’t contain all of the ingredients and additives your dog needs. In fact, scientific research and testing reveals that most lack sufficient amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals… or leave out important nutrients altogether….

Why do you think that is? You could probably guess the answer. Some of the more important ingredients happen to be the most costly and the most difficult to produce.

A New Way to Ensure Your Dog Gets the Nutrients He or She Needs, Guaranteed… That is a ” Weapon” Against Cancer, Disease, and Premature Death…

This supplement we are talking about contains every single ESSENTIAL vitamin and mineral that is most often lacking in commercial canine diets… along with a HUGE number of KEY ADDITIONS for Joint Health, Intestinal Support, and Immune System Strengthening.

The only supplement on the market designed by a veterinarian… not a big, faceless corporation.

Renowned veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, through extensive research and 15+ years of treating every dog disease imaginable, and years of interviewing the people considered to be the REAL experts on canine nutrition… researching the effects of using one vitamin or nutrient versus another… and figuring out exactly what your dog truly needs to lead a full and healthy life, as well as figuring out what kind of boosters your dog REALLY needs to take its health to the next level…needed to figure out the absolute best ways to…

  • Help your dog strengthen its immune system to the point where no disease stands a chance…
  • Give your dog everything it needs to have healthy, arthritis-free joints and bones.
  • Help ensure proper functioning of the muscles and nerves.
  • Ensure healthy teeth and gums.
  • Slow down the aging process and hardening of tissues.
  • Increase healthy eyesight long into your dog’s golden years.
  • Aid in digestion, and provide nutrients that aid and improve your dog’s metabolism.
  • Speed up the body’s healing process for wounds and possible broken bones.
  • Cut down your dog’s risk of allergies.
  • Decrease your dog’s risk to viral and airborne diseases.
  • And most of all… help PREVENT CANCER.

Dogs of every Age and every Breed will benefit form the Ultimate Canine Health Formula, including treating the most serious health disorders, as well as help set the stage for proper growth and development in younger dogs.

We are thrilled to tell you about “Dr Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula”.

ALL ingredients are Human Grade – which means a Higher Standard than almost ALL other dog supplements.

Once the materials are blended, they are tested again to ensure they match the label claims before formulating the product.

All testing is conducted by an independent 3rd party lab and all manufacturing of Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Formula takes place in an FDA approved facility and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

In the facility, they do a ton of quality control and 3rd party testing to ensure that the ingredients are exactly as stated, that they are active, and that they contain no harmful bacteria or toxins.

It’s up to YOU.

There is no better and faster way to guarantee with absolute certainty that you are taking the best possible care of your beloved animal. Your dog will love you for it… and you will actually be able to SEE the effects in his or her daily behavior.

This is a terrific product with a terrific story but DON’T Just Trust Our Word… Read What Others are Saying about Dr. Jones’ Ultimate Canine Health Formula and get the rest of the story.


Warm Hearts for Cold Noses,

Jay & Lisa

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4 Responses to “How to Help Your Dog Live Longer, Avoid Cancer and Other Diseases, and Enjoy a Healthier, Happier, More Energetic Life…”

  1. 1 Greg December 8, 2008 at 12:07 am

    Products that claim to prevent cancer are dubious and misleading in my opinion. Making such a claim is irresponsible.

    • 2 callofthedog December 8, 2008 at 3:12 pm

      Greetings Greg.

      Thank you for your comment; it is always good to be able to have the opportunity for the exchange of ideas.

      With regard to your opinion that products that claim to prevent cancer are dubious and misleading, it is important to note that that as a blanket statement is in fact a misleading statement in and of itself, interestingly enough.

      In this particular case, unless you take issue with the National Cancer Institute laboratory and animal research, which has concluded that there is more than considerable laboratory evidence from chemical cell culture that has shown antioxidants help prevent the free radical damage that is associated with cancer.

      Antioxidants neutralize free radicals as the natural by-product of normal cell processes. Free radicals are molecules with incomplete electron shells which make them more chemically reactive than those with complete electron shells.

      Exposure to various environmental factors can lead to free radical formation. When an oxygen molecule becomes electrically charged or “radicalized” it tries to steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage to the DNA and other molecules. Over time, such damage may become irreversible and lead to disease including cancer.

      Antioxidants are often described as “mopping up” free radicals, meaning they neutralize the electrical charge and prevent the free radical from taking electrons from other molecules. However, results from recent studies in people (clinical trials) are not consistent.

      So the question further begs, is it REALLY necessary for your dog to be on a dog supplement if you already feed premium quality dog food? That answer is a resounding YES with supportive evidence.

      1. Environmental Toxins – such as herbicides and pesticides. We now have thousands of “un-natural” pollutants and toxins affecting our dogs. These are found in the air – like SMOG – they are in the grass and soil, such as herbicides and insecticides, and even in the plastic container that your dog may eat or drink out of.

      2. Vaccines – they affect your dog’s immune system. They
      do play a role in preventing disease – BUT Vaccines have
      been OVERUSED – too many vaccines have been given too often. The results have been to trigger immune related diseases – hemolytic anemia, auto immune joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer.

      3. Commercial Kibble- even the “BEST” commercial kibble is a long way from a nutritious, fresh meat, vegetable and
      carbohydrate, home cooked diet. Vital nutrients are
      destroyed in the creation of the kibble – especially
      essential vitamins and minerals. ALL nutrition can NOT come in a bag – regardless of the claims of the company, or just how pretty their glossy brochures are.

      4.The Number 1 killer of dogs today: Cancer. Over half of the dogs in North America will die of Cancer. Experts agree that KEY to Cancer Prevention is through nutrition – especially through supplements such as the EFA’s in Flax. Anything that you can do to aid in boosting your dog’s immune system, and potentially preventing cancer, is vital.

      We know Dr. Jones to be a person of unquestionable integrity and genuine concern for people and pets, and would never do anything for monetary gain at the expense of decency or hurting a wonderful reputation; nor would we at CalloftheDog, since what we do is truly a labor of love. Dr. Jones has truly produced a superior product when taking all things into consideration including price and quality delivered.

      It was good to hear from you and your concerns.

  2. 3 Greg December 8, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    While I absolutely agree that anti oxidants have been shown to be effective against preventing and fighting cancer, I stand by my statement. I give my 2 Dachshunds CoQ10 in addition to EFA and Vitamin E. I am fully aware of the benefits of anti oxidants and do not dispute any of the findings you listed in your reply. As a matter of fact I agree with everything you stated.

    The problem I have is that by claiming a product will prevent cancer, you are misleading the consumer. Perhaps a more appropriate claim would something such as “this product contains….. which has been shown to possess anti cancer properties”. Less informed consumers may take that claim literally, purchase the product and expect their dog never to get cancer.

    Thank you for responding to my comment. I think we both agree on principal. Our disagreement concerns dishonest and misleading claims about a product that claims to prevent cancer. I think we both know what I’m talking about and I suspect the readers of this blog do too. If the product was proven to prevent cancer, as the label implies, I assure you they would not be advertising the product on an internet blog.

    Thanks again and I enjoyed this exchange

    Greg Resnick, Austin, TX

    • 4 callofthedog December 8, 2008 at 3:57 pm

      Dear Greg,
      We enjoy a spirited discussion. However, with all due respect and we mean that sincerely because we appreciate your comments, your premise that anybody claimed the Dr. Jones’ supplement would PREVENT cancer is not factually correct and thereby there are no misleading claims to the consumer. What has been said is that Dr. Jones’ supplement, based on the ingredients contained and the scientific research as listed, is an aide and a “weapon” in helping to prevent cancer and other diseases. At no point in the copy is the statement “the product was proven to prevent cancer”.

      At your convenience, if you choose, give Dr. Jones’ site another read, with the benefit of the doubt in mind that this is a very highly qualified and decent veterinarian.

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