Ready for Bed? Your Dog Is

We are truly honored and do not take for granted your giving us a moment of your time, and we will not overstay our welcome.

Our goal is to make available to you quality and value for the things you will likely need, and information to make life with your loved companion better.

We at and are in existence because we wished to honor the memories of some very special companions by being of service to other special companions.

Most pet guardians have evolved over the years through education to understand that our cherished canine companions, no matter how small or large, benefit from having their own bed to satisfy their instinctual den environment desires.

A bed of their own is the answer for providing a den-like sanctuary to help your dogs feel secure when they are emotionally stressed or just fatigued and wanting to rest. If you think about it, people feel the same way about their own beds.

Pressure on the bones and joints has a cumulative damaging effect.

Your dog sleeps a lot – make sure their bed is supportive with as much pressure relief as possible. Comfort and support is important to all living creatures for better sleep and it becomes even more important with advancing age that produces aching muscles and stiff joints.

Orthopedic foam reduces a dog’s tossing and turning up to 90%.

With advancing age comes the slowing of the metabolism making it harder for the body to regulate temperature. A comfortable bed, preferably with the therapeutic support that orthopedic dog beds offer, will improve the quality of life for dogs and cats with hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis and joint problems associated with large breeds and older dogs, while providing additional warmth to make a difference in how restful your furry companion’s sleep time will be.

The added benefit, besides knowing you are providing a safe, comfortable and appreciated sleep environment, is your canine will be less likely to take refuge and sleep on the furniture. By having its own sleeping space, there will be less dander and dog hair through the house to clean up or to be breathed in by all.

We’ve got a great assortment of pet-healthy specialty beds that provide therapeutic benefits, including the exclusive Constant Companion Megabed and heated pet beds, to keep your furry friend dreaming comfortably all year round.

CLICK HERE to see all the beds we offer.

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