“Body Language Between You and Your Dog”

A dog can’t speak, has no hands or fingers to gesture, but you can watch the body parts it uses to communicate to determine how the dog feels about the world around it in the moment.

The tail is one of the ways your dog communicates with ALL other living things with which it comes in contact. It is one part in a complex system of body language along with whining, barking, growling and body language encompassing posture, facial expression with the muzzle, lips, tongue, ear position and eye expression. And, it is a language that every dog knows.

Behaviors and postures we present in our interactions with dogs are construed or misconstrued by them in terms of body language.

Learn how to interact properly with your dog and observe the reactions to you and others.

To get the whole story, it is available in a FREE 12-page PDF report titled “Body Language Between You and Your Dog”Body Language Between You and Your Dog

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