Want to know why your dog chewed your…..

Want to know why your dog chewed your new shoes, carpet, table, or whatever else that sent you into exasperation?

The answer is there is no one answer, but there are a few possible reasons besides the possibility it may just be good entertainment and a way to pass the time.

Puppies and young dogs learn about their world by mouthing objects and gnawing. The targets of their attention are whatever piques their curiosity and can include anything that may occupy their time and bring them comfort in the moment. Destructiveness of this kind is not destruction to them and is a normal behavior for a growing dog.

Some dogs will be compelled to chew on something out of boredom, upset or nervousness like when they feel separated or “abandoned” by their owners when they depart for work in the morning.

Anxiety can escalate dog’s emotions into a frenzied effort to escape the house in an effort to find its pack leader. A dog in this state of mind might dig and chew at doorways, windowsills and whatever else is standing in way of its intended mission.

Chewing can be the result of a generally nervous personality or phobia. For instance, your dog may be normally well adjusted emotionally but a clap of thunder may cause the same dog to suffer anxiety thereby driving your otherwise calm pet to cause damage to your house or personal items on stormy days. This type of anxiety may not be limited to thunder; your dog may develop fears of fireworks, wind, and a variety of other noises.

A very simple solution is to make available something to chew on that will likely be enjoyed and bring comfort at those “doggie emotionally trying” times. What you give them should never represent or resemble what you would not want them to chew on.

Do not give an old shoe if you do not want a good shoe to be destroyed at another time when you aren’t around. You can’t expect your dog to draw a distinction and understand the difference.

There are a number of excellent “chew toys” on the market, and a truly excellent solution choice would be the Kong® brand toys. They are durable, strong and will stand up to the toughest of punishment. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and one of the best feature benefits is that you can even hide treats in many Kong toys.

Whatever toys you decide to buy, it is imperative that you make sure your dog’s toys are built to withstand a good chewing without breaking into pieces. Broken pieces are dangerous and can even prove fatal because your dog can choke on them or they can get lodged in its intestinal tract. You must choose carefully.

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