The Final 5 Dog Training Help Tips

As we promised you, here are dog training tips 14 through 18:

Dog Help Training Tip #14
Dogs will remember a command for about two minutes in duration before the concept is lost. Commands that are given must be clear and simple. Use only short commands and say the command once (do not repeat). For example, sit, down, leave it, quiet, out, and off. Word commands ending in hard consonants are better than words ending in vowels because you can emphasize the hard sound.

Dog Help Training Tip #15
COME is the only command word that should have additional sounds attached. For example, use the dog’s name and then follow it with the command COME, and then GOOD BOY/GIRL, so the dog does not feel threatened or in trouble. This should be done smoothly and in an upbeat, pleasant and happy tone: “Spot, Come, good boy”.

Dog Help Training Tip #16
Put your dog on a leash and position yourself directly in front. Attract its attention with a finger snap or the word “look” or “watch”. Then issue the verbal command SIT. Your dog might slowly get into the sitting position and when this happens, reward IMMEDIATELY with enthusiastic praise, “GOOD BOY, SPOT!” (remember, plesant high tones with an enthusiastic voice delivery), at the same time you produce the reward.

Dog Help Training Tip #17
A dog that is uninitiated to any training education will have to be assisted into the sitting position by moving a treat over and above the head so it has to sit to reach it. Successful accomplishment of the task meets with warm praise and the food treat. If necessary, placement techniques (tension on collar, downward pressure on the rump) may have to be used, with praise upon completion.

Dog Help Training Tip #18
Your dog will have the motivation to comply if it has received moderate exercise before a training session involving complex tasks, such as the off leash down-stay. You can’t expect a dog that has a lot of unexploded energy to participate in prolonged attention-required instruction. This would be setting up the training session for failure right from the beginning.

We recommend these 3 online dog training programs. Be sure to check them out!

**Chet Womach’s Hands-Off Dog Training Formula**

**Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training**

**Daniel Stevens’ Secrets to Dog Training**

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2 Responses to “The Final 5 Dog Training Help Tips”

  1. 1 Joanne January 6, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Thanks for sharing so many tips.

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