An Exclusive Orthopedic Dog Bed of Smart Design

We have written before on the importance of your canine family member’s sleep surface and how it needs to be taken seriously for the health and well-being of this important family member.

If anyone can get excited over a quality dog bed besides your dog, we can and we want to take the opportunity to tell you about a new dog bed that has some exclusivity to it and not available everywhere.

CalloftheDogShop online catalog is taking advantage of a partnered arrangement with the premier manufacturer Dolce Vita to bring you the exclusive MegaBed. It carries the name “Mega” because it’s huge, measuring 35” X 41” fully extended or 30” X 36” with its two bolstered sides folded into the up position. The MegaBed is thick, constructed using 4” thick hospital-grade orthopedic foam.

Hospitals and hospital burn units use orthopedic memory foam for patients to eliminate pressure points that cause the cutting off of circulation, creating pressure point discomfort from pressure build up, thus triggering the need to turn over. Traditional material is susceptible to sag; orthopedic pet bed surfaces refresh their form with every use, providing exceptional and unparalleled therapeutic cushioning, reducing tossing and turning up to 90%.

This is without a doubt the most intelligent, most versatile dog bed that we have ever seen, crafted using water and stain resistant microsuede covering that’s easily cleaned and can even be machine-washed after unzipping and removing the foam.

The MegaBed features:

  • Patented thin-screen heating element used in Dolce Vita premium beds;
  • Uses safe, low voltage that is stepped down at the wall adapter — not a 120-volt element throughout the bed like most heated beds;
  • Heats up only where an object touches the bed, conserving energy and heating EXACTLY where 102 degree, therapeutic heat is beneficial;
  • This unique feature makes this a Green-Friendly product at a Green- Friendly time.

A smart feature allows you to take it when you travel with full benefits

A 12-volt adapter for use in vehicles. The MegaBed can be used in a car, van or SUV. Fold up the side bolsters and the MegaBed folds up into a smaller-sized area inside a car or rear area of a van or SUV. If the 35”X 41” flat footprint is too large, simply fold up the two side bolsters and the bed now has a 30” X 36” footprint!



This is in all respects a value in price with exceptional quality that should be taken advantage of for the well-being and comfort of your canine family member.

More info on the exclusive MegaBed

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