Protecting Your Dog During the Summer

Dr. Louise Murray, DVM, made an appearance on Fox News this morning to speak about ways to protect your dog during the summer months.

Her salient points were:

  • For apartment dwellers, you should be sure to have screens on open windows so your dog won’t lean or jump out.
  • Heat stroke is a big problem for dogs in the hot weather. They dehydrate quickly, and flat-faced canines don’t pant very well. Look for gums getting very red, severe panting, lethargy and even vomiting as signs of heat stroke. The latter two signs mean your dog is already in the real danger zone, so be alert. Best thing to do is exercise your dog during the cooler parts of the day, before 10am and after 2pm.
  • Don’t leave your dog in a parked car in the hot weather. In 10 minutes, a car can get 20 degrees hotter. Leave your pet at home when you do your summer errands
  • Watch out for lawn products that may be toxic to your dog. If you see a suburban-perfect green lawn, you can assume there are chemicals present that may be harmful to your pet.

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