The best dog beds have orthopedic memory foam

You would want the best bed you could practically afford for your own use and it is just as essential that your dog’s bed be designed with its health and well-being in mind. Your pet counts on you to provide a comfortable and supportive dog bed that fulfills its need for deep, restful sleep.

Advertising will display words like luxurious, the best, cool, fashion, custom, designer, orthopedic and discount prices, which are fine. However, more importantly, support, pressure relief, comfort and durability are the words that should get our attention.

Reduce tossing and turning up to 90% with orthopedic memory foam

For years, hospitals and burn units have used orthopedic memory foam for patients to eliminate pressure points that create bed sores. Your dog or pet is also susceptible to the same laws of gravity that cause the cutting off of circulation creating pressure point discomfort. These pressure points build up, and that is why people and pets toss and turn to get away from the pressure build up, triggering the need to turn over. The pressure points soon build up again and the cycle continues.

Traditional material is susceptible to sag; orthopedic pet bed surfaces refresh their form with every use, providing exceptional therapeutic cushioning — absorbing, redistributing and balancing weight pressure evenly across the dog’s body, as the orthopedic memory foam gently cradles the pet’s body, giving superior comfort.

Equally appreciated by younger pets, the sleep surface offers excellent preventative care. Orthopedic dog beds improve the quality of life for dogs and cats with hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis and joint problems associated with large breeds and older dogs.

A Nature’s Foundation Deluxe Pet Bed was created for the best possible sleep surface for your pet. The bed’s two chambers are designed to work together to provide maximum comfort and support with 1 1/2 inch orthopedic foam and a bottom chamber filled with cedar bedding to mask any odors that may linger around your dog, allowing better smells around the house, and to keep bugs away. The 2 1/2 inch thick reversible pad on top has fleece for warmness in the winter and 600 denier nylon to keep your pet cool in the summer.

Nature's Foundation Deluxe Pet Bed

Available in decorator colors these beds are stylish and, more importantly, functional for both you and your favorite pet!

CalloftheDogShop specializes in COMFORTABLE DOG BEDS for all size pets, and supplies for all pet needs.

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