Good Dog Nutrition and Trace Mineral Help to Avoid Cancer

The value of adding a quality source of selenium for good dog nutrition is of terrific importance, necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland. Studies show that dogs benefit from high selenium levels in their diet for the prevention of cancer.

Take note that the form of the selenium is significant. Selenium derived from natural food forms may have beneficial effects not shared by human-synthesized selenium compounds.

The ancestral diet of canines derived selenium from two organic forms, selenomethionine found primarily in plants and selenocysteine found mostly in organ meats. For many reasons, you shouldn’t feed run-of-the-mill dry and canned dog foods which use inorganic types of selenium sodium selenite or sodium selenate. What is interesting and sad is that these forms of selenium are considered toxic by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

You can provide a dietary “insurance policy” for good dog nutrition and ensure your dog is getting enough selenium by adding Brazil nuts. The selenium in broccoli and other vegetables will vary according to the amount of selenium in the soils. Brazil nuts, on the other hand, are a reliable source of selenium, and the fresher, the better. One-half of a crushed Brazil nut per day for every 50 pounds a dog weighs will do the trick. And for your little guys, once a week is all that’s needed. Mince it, grate, and add it to the food.

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