Dog Cages, Crates, Kennels and Carriers Provide Security, Comfort and Safety

Dog crates, cages and carriers are important for your dog to have, providing our canine companions with a safe environment inside, outside, for travel and vehicle transportation, along with vehicle barriers that provide protection for your pet’s safety.

However, when transporting your pet, NEVER leave your dog in a hot car, even with windows cracked. In as little as 2-3 minutes, pets can suffer heatstroke and even die from high temperatures.

The crate/cage environment is a great solution for giving your dog a private, quiet space. Before deciding on a particular crate, cage or travel carrier, you must measure your pet. Measurements of your canine companion should be taken from the ground to the top of your pet’s shoulder and then add an additional 3 inches; this will give you the minimum height for your pet’s crate, cage, kennel or carrier. You must also take the measurement from the head to the base of the tail and add an additional 3 inches; this calculation gives you the minimum length for the crate, cage, kennel or carrier. It’s important to be sure your pet can comfortably stand, turn around, sit and lie down.

Casual Cratewear is a key piece to providing true comfort and protecting your pet from numerous possible crate-related injuries. Casual Cratewear is a complete 3-piece crate bed set that includes crate cover, quilted bumper, and crate pad that offers a total comfort environment for your dog.

High-quality and long-lasting wicker dog crates are the ultimate in dog crates that combine sturdy craftsmanship that will stand up to wear and tear, style and comfort, and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

There are tent-style cages made from canvas or nylon that set up quickly making them ideal for traveling, camping, or any time you want to give your dog a place of its own.

A deluxe travel dog crate is built extra sturdy, combining a tough plastic frame with steel inserts for added strength and built-in wheels that allow the dog cage to be easily moved from place to place. It folds down easily for storage and transport.

Pet carriers are available with telescoping handles with wheels for easy travel as a rolling case. Pet carriers can be used and function as backpacks, totes or car seats, and they meet most airline travel regulations.

An auto carrier is intended for dogs or other pets up to 15 pounds, and includes a treat/water feeding tray. An auto carrier is a great way to take your pet securely in your car.

All crate, cage and carrier information and selections available HERE

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