Could You Handle a 13,000 Pet Emergency?

This is not our first blog post on pet health insurance and won’t be the last, but a real life situation came to our attention. You can’t help but wonder how many people are prepared for such a financial hardship.

Your dogs looks at you with love and trust in their eyes; they are not expendable lives in fur coats. It is vitally important that you understand the possibility of being faced with a dog’s expensive, unexpected illness. Please don’t subject your beloved pets to unnecessary and avoidable crises because you are not prepared financially.

A devoted pet guardian noticed his canine family member was consuming large amounts of water. It was summertime after all and very hot, but then shortly after drinking the dog started to vomit. No one was particularly alarmed at first because when dogs drink too much cold water too quickly they can react that way.

When the situation repeated itself it was time for concern. The concern was well founded and came a bit later than what would have been ideal. As a concerned guardian, a rush to the emergency veterinary hospital revealed the dog was diabetic, which necessitated a week long hospitalization to stabilize its situation and save the dog’s life.

The cost, about $1,300.00, and that is just the beginning because there are further expenses associated with such a condition. Continual testing is required, insulin, urinalysis, special food, etc… Not to mention further medical maintenance because of associated effects of the disease.

A diagnosis of diabetes is terrible but manageable if you have the financial resources or the protection of pet health insurance. Costs can easily run into a $10,000 price tag over a very short period of time. Who would not want to do what you have to for your beloved pet, which you undoubtedly love and is part of the family…? But, how many of us can afford such an unexpected surprise? Please do the intelligent thing and determine whether you are in a position to handle the problem if faced with such a difficulty. Protect yourself and your dog. See if pet health insurance is right for you. There are plans to fit different budgets.

Your dog may appear to be in perfect health now, but diseases like dog diabetes can strike at anytime.

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