Pet Goggles and Sunscreen for Your Dog

There are many dogs whose eyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight. They may squint, whine, or even paw at their face to comfort themselves against the bright light. Some people consider sunglasses for canines a cute fashion statement but they are much more than that. A pair of pet dog goggles to block out UV light may help your canine feel more comfortable outdoors.

New and improved eye protection for your dog is available. After eight years of designing and manufacturing quality eyewear for dogs, Doggles pet goggles for dogs have been completely redesigned. Doggles ILS (interchangeable lens system) offers a deeper lens cup, very flexible frame, and wider nose bridge. ILS was designed from the beginning to be lighter and more comfortable for dogs.

As with all Doggles, pet goggles for dogs, you still get 100% UV protection, and shatterproof, anti-fog lenses which Doggles are known for! Side air vents; very flexible, wrap around foam padded frame; interchangeable capable lenses; two adjustable soft elastic head and chin straps.

Yes, Glow Green DOES glow in the dark!

Sunscreen for your dogs!

And, yes, many dogs can benefit from sun screen. Why put human sunscreen on your dog when you can use a formula designed specifically for a dog’s skin?

Does your dog have light colored skin or a pink nose? Your dog needs sunscreen!

Dogs have more sensitive skin than humans and thus do better with their own sunscreen. Sunscreen for pets also helps with coat condition and to prevent sun bleaching in dark haired dogs.

Doggles Interchangeable Lens System – CLICK HERE

Pet Sunscreen – CLICK HERE

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