Prevent Dog Fleas to Prevent Disease

Preventing dog flea infestation is important and it is equally important to do so without solutions that are toxic to you or your pet. Dog fleas are not just annoying, they are dangerous.

Dog fleas do more than bite and suck your dog’s blood; they are capable of transmitting diseases to your dog!

Allergy Dermatitis

Dogs that can be allergic may be adversely affected by flea saliva resulting in allergy dermatitis. Just one bite can cause your dog to be miserable. The itching from this condition (called pruritus, an uncomfortable sensation so intense as to cause your dog to scratch and bite itself), hair loss, skin lesions and self-mutilation can result from the scratching caused by the discomfort. All it takes is one flea bite to cause a chronic condition, not to mention the severe problems and misery that resutl from a flea-infested home.

Fleas cause tapeworm infections

Preventing fleas will help your dog avoid ingesting a flea that carries a tapeworm larva. The tapeworm larva continues to develop in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract. When the larva develops into the tapeworm, the head of the tapeworm attaches itself to the intestinal wall and small egg-filled segments periodically break off, passing out the rectum.

Prevent the fleas and prevent the conditions they cause

It is always time to begin preventing fleas but, especially with the warmer months upon us, flea season will be in full force and it is much more difficult to treat rather than to prevent fleas.

If you see evidence of fleas on your dog or cat, you need to wage war to get rid of these pests.

Don’t wait to protect your dog and family. Buy flea and tick prevention medication early. You wouldn’t put toxic substances on yourself, don’t put them on your pet.

Natural Flea Control Products that are Safe for your Home and Pets! Herbal Flea Collars made with essential oils that smell great but help repel fleas and ticks. Also available, Flea and Tick Squeeze-on Oils that kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to four weeks, and are safe on pets and around the family. There are Natural Insect Repellent Sprays that rely on essential oils to keep away insects without the use of DEET, as well as Natural Powders that safely eliminate fleas on your pets and in your home.

The absolute best natural flea protection solution is to reduce your pet’s susceptibility to fleas by improving its health. The healthier your pet is, the less attractive it is to fleas. Parasites and fleas in particular are attracted to weak, unhealthy or young animals whose immune system is not functioning well. The quality of nutrition is a major factor in achieving natural flea protection.

Prevent dry skin by adding some fish oil to your pet’s diet, and not washing your dog with drying shampoos. Avoid altogether toxic chemical flea baths. Make sure your pet is consuming an optimum diet, which helps avoid recurrent hot spots and other skin afflictions.

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1 Response to “Prevent Dog Fleas to Prevent Disease”

  1. 1 Robert M May 9, 2008 at 11:04 am

    I am pleased that you discussed natural methods to be used in the dreaded flea protection, I personally know of a dog thats nervous was terribly effected by the standard chemical flea collar..HELLO don’t people realize that those things use chemicals that cause disturbances to the fleas nervous system so how much of a streach is it to realize it can cause problems on your pet over time. The FDA would never approve its use on people, why put it on your dog! Many thanks for informing the public, not enough noise is made about this.

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