Dog DNA Testing Told Meredith Vieira What She Did Not Have

Before she had her dog, Jasper, DNA tested live on the “Today Show”, Meredith Vieira did not realize that Jasper was not what she thought he was.

Meredith had purchased Jasper from a pet store believing he was an Aussie-Poo, or Australian Shepherd, Poodle mix.


After the test, Meredith discovered that Jasper is actually a Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, and Borzoi mix! The early morning television host is not alone; more than 85 percent of mutt or mixed breed owners don’t know or cannot be sure which breeds are in their dogs’ backgrounds.

Pet guardians no longer have to wonder or guess. Thanks to an exciting advance in canine DNA testing technology, it is now a much easier question to answer.

Truly knowing their canine companion’s history can be extremely satisfying from a curiosity point of view and gives guardians a better understanding of their dog’s behavior, potential health risks and personality.

Discover the breeds present in your dog through DNA testing

Consumer surveys conducted show more than half of owners of dogs of mixed breed heritage would like to know their best friends better by discovering their canine heritage.

Here’s how it works

You will get simple to follow written cell collection instructions along with the test by mail. To do the very simple test you receive a soft-bristled brush, which you rub on the inside of your dog’s cheek to collect cells.

No Blood or Vets!

Swabbing is done easily and comfortably by you the pet owner, no trauma and very affordable.

You place the swab in the supplied test envelope and simply mail back to the testing lab in a pre-paid envelope, and results will be returned in four to six weeks. That’s it, it’s that simple.

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1 Response to “Dog DNA Testing Told Meredith Vieira What She Did Not Have”

  1. 1 Robert M May 9, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Wow thanks I am going to do the testing! We have an idea of what our four legged one is but we also have three different opinions on the matter LOL. Now we will find out! Thanks

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